1.    Smart high way -> See Video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdJzqeVbv5M

This highway generate an electricity by speed breaker, and save it on battey, by battery we give supply to the light which was glow on the detection of the vehicle, for understand the hole project

Please see the hole video.


2.    Street light that glows on detecting of vehicle movement-> VIDEO->  http://youtu.be/U8HJC6DxZSk

The project is designed to detect vehicle movement on highways to switch ON only a block of street lights ahead  of it (vehicle), and to switch OFF the trailing lights to save energy. During night all the lights on the highway remain ON for the vehicles, but lots of energy is wasted when there is no vehicle movement. This proposed system provides a solution for energy saving. This is achieved by sensing an approaching vehicle and then switches ON a block of street lights ahead of the vehicle. As the vehicle passes by, the trailing lights switch OFF automatically. Thus, we save a lot of energy. So when there are no vehicles on the highway, then all the lights remain OFF. However, there is another mode of operation where instead of switching OFF the lights completely, they remain ON with 10% of the maximum intensity of the light. As the vehicle approaches, the block of street lights switch to 100% intensity and then as the vehicle passes by, the trailing lights revert back to 10% intensity again.

3.    Smart City Park ->See Video >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oD0E-tWnnY

This is a smart park, it generate an electricity by solar panel and stored in battery, battery glow the light with the motion of people, when people went in the near of light, it automatically glow, and power off when people pass the light. Please see the hole video to how it is work. 





5.    RF based dual-mode car -> Here is a dual-mode robot that can be operated manually using an RF-based remote controlled and can also move automatically avoiding all the obstacles. The robot has some inbuilt intelligence to avoided obstacles by changing its path.


6.    Wireless Steering with Intelligent vehicle. See video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38M-j73r22s


 It wait for you hand movement, if you hand moves to down direction car moves to forward , if some one come towards the car, the car automatically stop, at this movement we run our car left, right, and back not to forward because if strike to the front object. if obstacle is disappear then, our car run forward, if some one come in left hand side of the car, our car automatically run  slightly to right hand side, to avoid the obstacle, and run forward, or some obstacle come right hand side of the car, our car automatically run slightly left hand side, to avoid the obstacle, and run forward,  if you move up you hand it starts run back, if you hand is left hand side your car run left hand side, if your hand is right hand side then car run to right hand side. If your hand is on middle you car is stop.


7.    Automatic head light moves as per movement of the steering -> With this project we reduce the accident ratio, because when the car moves it lights not move, so driver not seen in front of him and vehicle accident. This is a special vehicle it light automatically moves as per the steering moves, so driver seen clear what is goes on it front of vehicle and safe joinery. Left light moves if steering is move to left, right light is moves if steering is move to right, if steering is in middle both light on middle, what is going on display on the lcd. See Video  http://youtu.be/EoVbrXTDdUo



Present here is a gesture control robot, u can control your robot by your hand motion, it moves right, left, forward, reverse, stop as per you hand movement. It consist with accelerometer, RF Tx-Rx, Micro controller, Lcd, motors, etc.She Video->  http://youtu.be/BkQSlCPMcL0


9.    Variable Voltage, Current, Power Display based Power Supply, it display on LCD, MONITOR using Computer Serial/USB Port.  It provide one variable and two fix voltage supply channel, it provide 1.2v to 13-14v dc to their variable channel, 5Vdc, 12Vdc from its Fix voltage channel, It also displays the voltage on the output terminal, and the current and instantaneous power drawn by the loan on-board- lcd display, you can connect this power supply to your computer via serial/USB port and see the voltage, current and power drawn by the load graphically. See its picture of graphically


10.                       Wind Power Plant/ Generatation of Electricity With Garden Gate/ Generatation of Electricity with Speed Breaker ->  For Video Demo->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3uWqKdKxnAWe generate the electricity with different methods, above three projects are use different method to generate electricity, So u select only one, In Garden Gate, we generate electricity by garden gate, when visitors come to the garden and goes out from the garden, the use the mechanical gate, it revolve by the visitors, by revolving we generate the electricity using dynamo , and save it in to the battery, and saved power we use invertors to step up to 220vc, for minor project we distribute dc power supply , if student wants we use invertors in minor project also.  We use wind power plant photo and video for your understanding. By using invertors we glow 60/40/25/15 watts bulb as well as PL/CFL and as per your requirement we use high watts invertor also and low watts invertor to glow only CFL.


11.                       Radio Frequency Based 31 Channel Electrical Control Panel

For Video Demo-> http://youtu.be/z6zIeQq_IfY -> This project is consist with RF transmitter and RF-RECIVER, so we operate it from 100/200 meters and work even through walls, you can control large AC and DC loads and many appliances through relay, including lights, fans, AC system, home appliances, garage doors, door locks, sprinklers, and motorized projection screen.


12.                       FAULT FINDING SYSTEM FOR GSS , For Video Demo -> http://youtu.be/A2TGdk1v9js This project take 8 different type of faults, if some fault come to the system, it will indicate us with the help of 8 led’s and one buzzer. Each led Corresponding for 8 different fault, we accept the fault with the accept switch, clear the  fault with clear switch, test the hole system for proper working with test switch. EXAMPLES OF FAULTS ARE -> FIRE IN GSS, WATER ON GSS, OVER HEAR, SUPPLY IS UNDER VOLTAGE, SUPPLY IS OVER VOLTAGE, OPEN CIRCUIR, SHORT CIRCUIT, WIRE LESS DETECTION OF UN-WATED PERSON and so on. This photo for Three fault->open circuit->short-circuit-magnatic-sensor.


13.                       Touch screen control for Wheel Chair for disability/ Mobile Touch Screen is also use.

For see video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyIZUvnE7x0


A wheel chair is a chair with wheel, designed to be replacement for walking. The device comes variations where it is propelled by motor or by theHand. Wheelchairs are used by people for whom walking is difficult of impossible due to illness, injury or disables. Here we design a micro controllerBased wheelchair the direction of which can be controlled from a touch screen.


14.                       Card lock of appliance

The circuit presented here can be used as a lock for important electronic and electrical appliances. When a card is inserted inside

its mechanism, depending upon the positions of the holes punched on the card, a particular appliance is switched on. The card is inserted just like a CD is pushed inside the disk drive. It is rectangular in shape with holes punched on it. The electronic lock is connected to an access control system, which ensures that only the selected appliance is switched on and prevents false operation of the system.


15.                       Intelligent train to reduce the accident on fogy session

As we read in the news paper that the one train get hit from the another train due to fogy session, this type of accident is held on winter session, when Driver not seen the RED signal. This problem is reduced by this project, this project automatically off the train engine on the red light, and on the train Engine of green light. Driver run the train only on the green light, it never run the engine when red signal is on.



16.                       HEART RATE MONITOR

Heart rate can be measured either by the ECG waveform or by the blood flow into the finger (pulse method). The pulse method is simple and convenient. When blood flows during the systolic stroke of the heart into the body parts, the finger gets its blood via the radial artery on the arm. The blood flow into the finger can be sensed photo electrically. To count the heart beats, here we use a small light source on one side of the finger (thumb) and observe the change in light intensity on the other side. The blood flow causes variation in light intensity reaching the light dependent resistor (LDR), which results in change in signal strength due to change in the resistance of the LDR.



Features as follows.

*Close the gate from safe distance when train come near unmanned rail gate(crossing).           

*Gate will automatically close when train is passed.

*This project is work from both side.

*Message and direction will display on LCD.

*Buzzer on when train come and off when it passed.

We also implement in foggy (cold) days it will automatically off the train engine on red light.

18.                       GSM BASED WIRE LESS ENERGY METER MONOTRING, CONTROL & BILLING SYSTEM. -> The purpose of this project is to remote monitoring and control of the Domestic Energy meter. This system enables the Electricity Department to read the meter readings regularly without the person visiting each house. They can on/off the house power from their office, when user not pay the bill or tempered the meter, this system also send message when some one tempered the meter to electrical department. GSM based Automatic meter reading is the technology of automatically collecting data from energy meter and transferring that data to a central database for billing and/or analyzing. This can be achieved by the use of microcontroller unit that continuously monitors and records the Energy Meter readings in its permanent (non-volatile) memory location. This system also makes use of a GSM modem for remote monitoring and control of Energy Meter. The Microcontroller based system continuously records the readings and the live meter reading can be sent to the Electricity department on request. This system also can be used to disconnect the power supply to the house in case of non-payment of electricity bills. A dedicated GSM modem with SIM card is required for each energy meter.


19.                       BIO MATRIX BASED SECURITY SYSTEM (FINGER PRINT BASED). Personal Safes are revolutionary locking storage cases that open with just the touch of your finger. These products are designed as secure storage for medications, jewelry, weapons, documents, and other valuable or potentially harmful items. These utilize fingerprint recognition technology to allow access to only those whose fingerprints you choose. It contains all the necessary electronics to allow you to store, delete, and verify fingerprints with just the touch of a button. Stored fingerprints are retained even in the event of complete power failure or battery drain.These eliminates the need for keeping track of keys or remembering a combination password, or PIN. It can only be opened when an authorized user is present, since there are no keys or combinations to be copied or stolen, or locks that can be picked. You can Add a fingerprint, Delete a fingerprint and Identify the fingerprint. To identify the finger, press the Identify button and if the finger matches then the Relay is complemented. Also the fingerprint ID is displayed over the LCD display. This system will allows three try with wrong finger, after excide this, this system will on the buzzer, buzzer off when u enter your right finger. This help us that some one try with our system.


20.                       INTELLIGENT TRAFFIC LIGHT SYSTEM :->  Watch its video




Traffic light intervals are fixed independent of traffic movement. So sometimes large red light delay cause traffic congestion. Here is a microcontroller based intelligent traffic light system that reduces the possibility of traffic jams caused by traffic light delays to an  extent. Microcontroller counts the number of vehicles passing the road. Based on the vehicle count the system three traffic profiles-low, medium and high.  The system contains different traffic light intervals (red, yellow, and green light delays in seconds) for different traffic profiles. After calculating the traffic profiles  Depending on the number of vehicles passing trough the IR system in a predefined controlling interval (e.g. one minute). It further controls the timing of traffic Lights. After the controlling interval lapses, the vehicle count is reinitialized to zero to calculate the traffic profile again in the next controlling interval. The lcd    Display current profile delay (RED, YELLOW, GREEN), current profile (LOW, MID, HIGH), running time of the system (HH:MM:SS),  and also display how Many vehicles were passed (VEH:05 ) and so on.


21.                       SMART CAR PARKING SYSTEM->

Watch Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdNNKxmEHz0 :-

See Another Video ->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdNNKxmEHz0&t=51s

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is an automatic identification method wherein the data stored on RFID tags or transponders is remotely retrieved. The RFID tag is a device that can be attached to or incorporated into a product, animal or person for identification and tracking using radio waves. RFID technology is used in vehicle parking systems of malls and buildings (refer Fig. 1). The system normally consists of a vehicle counter, sensors, display board, gate controller, RFID tags and RFID reader. Presented here is an automatic vehicle parking  system using  microcontroller. It work like this when some vehicle come to the gate, sensor detect it and lcd display the message you can display rfid tag to the rfid reader, when it is a valid card it will open the gate for pass you car and close after some time, lcd detected 100 rs and balance is display on the lcd, if you have no balance it will force u to charge your card. After pay card is charged. It also display total number of vehicles are stand, less if car is goes out. Unauthorized person never enter the parking area, because gate in not open.




Here is a circuit that lets you operate your home appliances like lights and water pump from your office or any other remote place. S0 if you forgot to switch off the lights or other appliances while going out, it helps you to turn off the appliance with your cellphone. Your cellphone works as the remote control for your home appliances. You can control the desired appliance by pressing the corresponding key. The system also gives you voice acknowledgement of the appliance status.




It will save school children from car fire due to LPG leakage in school car/van/ taxi etc. when this system detect LPG leakage in car it will automatically off the engine,  after repairing the LPG leakage it will allow to start the engine.


24.                       ALCHOLE TESTER. This project is used for deny entry from alcoholic people in ladies parties, temples, hospitals, highways, school, college etc.




26.                       PROGRAMMABLE INDUSTRIAL ON-OFF TIMER WITH RF REMOTE  -> In most of the modern manufacturing and processing industries, there is complete industrial automation through sophisticated hardware and software like programmable logic controller (PLC), distributed control system (DCS), and  supervisory  control and data acquisition (SCADA). Microcontroller-based embedded systems play major role in industrial automation. One such widely used system is the programmable timer. The major applications of programmable timer are as follows: 1. Initiating the process after desired time . 2. Switching on/ off the process after predetermined time 3. Providing delay in between processes 4. Applying input to on/off type open-loop control system Depending upon the requirement of process, one can set the time of programmable timer. As the time period expires, the timer will either trigger 01'shut the process. Earlier there were mechanical timers that used gear assembly (same as wall clock) and mechanical contacts. But the problem with these was that due to mechanical parts and movements, they were not durable. Electronic timers have become very popular as these have more functionalities and long operating life. A simple electronic timer can be To enhance  the programmable timer for generating precise timing and additional features, micro controllers (embedded controllers) are used with peripheral devices. Some of the features of programmable industrial on/ off timer presented here include: 1. Time set from 1 to 60 seconds (canbe extended) 2.. 'On' time and' off' time can beprogrammed (from 1 to 60 seconds 3. Repeat (continuous) and single operation 4. Fully remote-controlled within 100-metre range 5. User-friendly front-panel controls and display panel with LCD 6. Emergency stop buttons (on control panel as well as on remote) 7. Provision of potential-free relay contacts for connecting any 230VAC at lOA or 28V DC at lOA device/ application


27.                       OVER SPEED ALERT FOR WHEELERS ->Two/four wheeler riding calls for constant attention. The moment you become unmindful of the high speed, applying sudden brakes to avoid obstacles may lead to an accident. An over-speed alarm can be of great help to avoid such situations. It acts like a watchful friend that warns you whenever you drive faster than the set speed limit. Here we present the circuit of a simple and easy-to-use over-speed indicator based on Hall effect sensor.


28.                       PASSWORD BASED CIRCUIT BREAKER TO ENSURE ELECTRICAL LINE MAN’S SEFETY->See Video -> https://youtu.be/fU8OaVH5328

See Video of Synopsis -> https://youtu.be/WuXDb-SpNMo

When electrical line man’s go to repair of the electrical lines, the off the circuit breaker to off the current for that area, and they repair electrical lines, when so one by intension or accidentally on the circuit breaker, the line man will damage the life of the electrical line’s man, to prevent this type of accident we design this project, this project is covered 4 area’s, each area have some or different password,  line man change his area password as per they required, password length 4 digit to 15 digits, some one give wrong  password for three times system will go on hang mode, and give huge alarm, to catch the person who want disturb the system.



29.                       SOLAR CHARGER -> In solar powered lightening system the solar charger play an important total it is a link between solar panel-battery-load

Features as follows.

Automatic dusk-to-dawn operation of the load.

*Built in digital voltmeter (0V-20V).

*Parallel or shunt type regulation.

*Over charge protection.

*System status display on LCD.

*Deep discharge protection.

*Low battery lock.

*Charging Current changes to pulsed at full charge.

*Low current consumption.

*Suitable for 10-40w solar panels for 10A load.


30.                       ATOMIZATATION SYSTEM FOR ANY INDUSTIES FOR EXAMPLE COLLEGE/HOTELS.   -> This project take 8 different input for 8 different users / rooms. And glow 8 different LEDs as per room number, for example room  no. 1 wants service from peon. Corresponding led1 is glow, after providing the service peon off the LED by pressing room number key, it also on the alarm when any user press the buttom.


31.                       DIGITAL IC TESTER-> This circuit check digital ic 7432,7408,7402,7404,7405,7400 etc. User enter ic number by

4X3 matrix keyboard,       and circuit test  IC as per truth table and result display on LCD.


32.                       UNMANED RAIL GATE SYSTEM.

See Video ->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77hOjRIohV8

 Features as follows.

*Close the gate from safe distance when train come near unmanned rail gate(crossing).

*Gate will automatically close when train is passed.

*This project is work from both side.

*Message and direction will display on LCD.

*Buzzer on when train come and off when it passed.

/**/ We also implement so many thing as per your budget.******************************



33.                       SEND SECURED MESSAGE TO RECEIVER USING WIRELESS MEDIA -> This project is used to communicate / Transmits a alpha numeric message from one place to another place through wireless media, first we encrypted the message and then transmit it, from wireless tx. At receiving side we decrypted it and matching the code also if, both are match message will display on LCD.



Using this project we are detecting where are electricity theft and in which amount electricity is theft.



This project is used to check the Basic logic gates (AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, EX-OR). You can check the following IC's 7400, 7402, 7404, 7408, 7432, 7486 Visual Basic Program is used to show the results on the PC. The Microcontroller AT89S52 receives the IC number from the PC and check the Gates IC with the Truth table and sent back the result to the PC.



This Project INFRARED REMOTE SWITCH USING MICROCONTROLLER is used to switch on/off the Home Appliances by using a standard Remote control. The system is used to switch on/off unto Eight  electrical devices. All the above processes are controlled by the 8 bit Microcontroller AT89C2051. The Microcontroller receives the Infrared Signal from the receiver and it decodes and switch on/off the appropriate Device. The Range of the system is unto 10 meters. The system works on Phillips RC5 format. The project can switch on/off electrical devices of maximum load current of 5Amperes. High power loads can also be connected by changing the Relay. The Microcontroller is used to receive the Infrared signal from the Transmitter, the received signal is processed by the Microcontroller and according to the signal the corresponding device is switched ON/OFF. 



37.                       SOLAR TRACER. See Video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBlCUBmX4Ho

This is a power generating method from sunlight.This method of power generation is simple and is taken from natural resource. This need only maximum sunlight to generate power. This project helps for power generation by setting the equipment to get maximum sunlight automatically. This system is tracking for maximum intensity of light. When there is decrease in intensity of light , this system automatically changes its direction to get maximum intensity of light. Here we are using two sensors in two directions to sense the direction of maximum intensity of light. The difference between the outputs of the sensors is given to the microcontroller unit. Here we are using the microcontroller for tracking and generating power from sunlight. It will process the input voltage from the comparison circuit and control the direction in which the motor has to be rotated so that it will receive maximum intensity of light from the sun. The power generated from this process is then stored in a lead acid battery and is made to charge an emergency light and is made to glow during night.


38.                       ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINE.

Now-a-days Electronic voting machines are being used effectively. The confidence of the voter in its flawless working is gradually building up and these machines are thus becoming quite popular throughout the country. Features of the electronic voting machine include avoidance of invalid votes and reduction of counting time and the consequent expenditure incurred on manpower deployment. By using the Microcontroller the voting machine can be built up easily and it will make simple to operate.


39.                       ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM FOR HOME/OFFICE/ATM(AVR MICROCONTROLLER BASED) See Explain and Demo Video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2Ux1Kky7Zs

Security is a prime concern in our day-to-day life. And access control system forms a vital link in a security chain. The microcontroller- based digital lock presented here is an access control system that allows only authorized persons to access a restricted area. When someone tries to enter the restricted area by entering invalid passwords continuously, the system locks itself and can be unlocked only by the master user. This means this system have two password, the  system comprises a small electronic unit with a numeric keypad, which is fixed outside the entry door to control a relay/solenoid-operated lock. When an authorized person enters a predetermined number (password) via the keypad, the relay energies for a limited time to unlock the solenoid operated lock, so doorcan be pushed/ pulled open. At the end of the preset delay, the relay de-energies and the door get locked again. A prompt message is displayed on the LCD module. And we modified this project as per student requirement.




This is an wireless system, consist with TX and RX,  the tx is always with you as key ring,, so no one can access this device, but if some one pick your tx, the rx take password, if password is entered three time wrong, the system is locked, it unlocked by system administrator One sysadm provide right password the system can un locked otherwise system not work. Range between Tx and Rx approx 3-10 mtrs.(use full in cars/ house/ etc)



In office or home misuse of telephone is general thing, This device can overcome from this problems, This device have many users like Linux server, user give his user no by matrix keyboard, after user no system ask user password, if login no or password wrong  the it can not tell which is wrong like Linux server, it display access denied.  each have separate password, and each have limited power, for example user1 have make a phone for  3 minutes maximum outgoing call after this call disconnected automatically. And user2 have made phone for max 6 minutes and so on. And system administrator has power to can change a user password  and increase or decrease time of outgoing calls duration. After maximum duration the phone automatically disconnected the phone call, this system also display how many time you left for disconnected the phone on lcd. We say it is a embedded server.   And we modified this project as per student requirement.



You can power on/off any device, by your mobile number only, other mobile user will not  on/off Your device, because this GPS mobile switch work with your mobile number only, your mobile Number saved on  GPS mobile switch, when you make a ring on your GPS  Mobile switch It is connected with your landline number, it will read your number automatically and scan It memory if it’s saved number and your mobile number is matched then it will  count a ring ex. Your want power on device no 1 after completed of 3 ring, and off Device no 1 after completed of  4 ring. It will on off device automatically after it’s ring count. We can connect four devices.  For this on/off work we can not pay any money to our Telephone service provider. And we modified this project as per student requirement.


43.                       8 TO 30  DEVICES CONTROLLER USING MICRO CONTOLLER. (Avr/8051/vb/Hiper Terminal based) and Computers serial port.

The project will run on both Windows-98 and Windows-XP, This project not used parallel port, it used rs232 (serial port)  for interfacing, in parallel we can not  transmitted data more the than 1-5   meters, but in serial communication we can transmit data more than 50-100 meters, and parallel port based project off automatically when we off our pc but, this project not have this problem, in parallel port based we can control max 8 to 12 device. But in this we can control  30 or more. This project also give you status that which device is in or off, We can modified this project as per requirement of students


44.                       RSEB POWER CUT SYSTEM.

See Video >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3iRn3muKXc

RSEB cuts lights according timetable time table, say 10:00 am automatically cut light of Area 1, at 1:00pm automatically light on at area 1, at 1:00 pm automatically light cut of area 2, at 3:00 pm automatically light on at area 2 and so no for many area. This project work on hh:mm:ss formet so we can cut for minutes as well as for seconds, and we can cut/restore the power for more than one areas. We can modified this project as per requirement of students



45.                       WIRELESS TECHO METER  See Video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4UehN3LJEU


Techometer is used for measuring the speed of a rotating shaft. The number of Revolutions per minutes (rpm) is valuable information for understanding any rotational system. For example, there is an optimum speed for drilling a particular size hole in a particulate metal piece; there is an ideal sanding disk speed that depends on the material being finished. We can measure of the rpm of any motor.




See video -> https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=WnQrt56Zq-8

 This project maintain the temperature of the system, say we want maintain 50 degree Celsius this system automatically on when current temperature is less then50 and off if the temperature greater then 50. So it is also use for protestation of rseb transformer as well as for any motor.




It is common problem for engineers that he/she not know what is the value of the capacitor, because ceramic capacitor value is mentioned by 104, 103, 102, 402 and so on, so we not no what is the value of this capacitor and we not know it this capacitor is ok of faulty, this project is help u to over come from this problem   At the same time, small capacitors made of ceramic material exhibit wide variations in their value and one has to measure their value before these are put to use in the circuit. Also, capacitors should be chosen properly for use in the power supply, timer and coupling circuits. There arises the need for a capacitance meter that can measure the capacitance values and display them in uF and nF automatically. Here we describe such a microcontroller- based capacitance meter that automatically measures the capacitance and shows it on the 7-segment displays directly.


48.                       ULTRA SONIC DISTANCE METER See Video ->


 There are several ways to measure distance without contact. One way is to use ultrasonic waves at 40 kHz for distance  measurement, in the project we not use ready made ultra sonic sensor hc-sr-05, we make it by our hand, and program micro controller to the distance on seven segment


49.                       INDIAN BORDER MONITRING /CONTROL SYSTEM.  

See Video of Low Cost Version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9SjgdzQIg0

See Video of Fully Automatic Big version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asazgoXOw6o

Loc is monitoring by wireless tracking system, if some one is try to come over loc wireless camera and gun/tank automatically shoot their target after

giving him some message.


50.                       TEMPRATURE DEPENDENT FAN.

See Video ATMEGA8 BASED -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIbg4RsAtmc

See Video Arduino based -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWRIrixIZV0&spfreload=10

See Video Atmega328P Based -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66MTWrnIgrA&t=9s

See Video Arduino Based -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWRIrixIZV0

This is new generation fan its speed  increase and decrease depending upon temprature. It have both automatically/Remotely Controlled, It also controlled by wire less system also.




When water in the tank is below sensor A, the motor will switch on to fill water in the tank. The LCD module will show 'motor on.' The controller is programmer for a  10- minute time interval to check the dry-run condition of the motor. If water reaches sensor B within 10 minutes, the micro controller comes out of the dry-run condition  and allows the motor to keep pushing water in the tank. The motor will  remain 'on' until water reaches sensor C. Then it will  stop automatically and the microcontroller will go into the standby mode. The LCD module will II show 'tank full' followed by 'standby mode' after a few seconds. The 'standby mode' message is displayed until water and if the dry-run condition still persists, the display will show' drysump3' and the micro controller will not start the motor automatically. Now you have to check the line for water and manually reset the microcontroller to start operation. In the whole procedure,  the micro controller checks for high and low voltages. For example, when the voltage is high, it will scan for about two seconds to check whether it is a fluctuation. If the voltage Remains high after two seconds, the microcontroller  will halt running of the motor. Now it will wait for the voltage to settle down. After the voltage becomes normal, it will still check for 90 seconds whether the voltage is normal or not. After normal condition, it will go in the standby mode and start the aforementioned procedure.


52.                       SMART PATHFINDER ROBOT See Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJCX5naAldo

 moves with its two wheels and makes use of infrared emitting diodes as its eyes to avoid obstacles along its path. Smart pathfinder robot automatically makes a left turn the moment it detects an object in its path.  It continues to move forward again when no obstacle is in the way.

53.                       MAZE ROBOT/ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENT CAR WITH THREE EYES TO SEARCH ITS PATH FROM CONGESTED ROAD This Robot works just like an Artificial. Intelligent. Robot. It never fails to find its way out of a maze. This Robot makes use of three infrared emitting diodes and three infrared receiving modules to send and receive signals and detect obstacles. Escape Robot has a built-in microprocessor, which enables it to "think" on its own, as it processes information about its environment and take decision where car  move forward or left or right or back as per the situation. Where it find way it will run there, this type of project is use their when we not know where we move.                                                        



54.                       LINE TRACKING ROBOT WITH FOUR SENSOR See Video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8t-_f0t4CA

 is an excellent, low-cost robot for someone who has started with robots. When we dray a line this robot will follows our line and moves towards to line. When no line detects it run in circle.



55.                       RF AND INFRA RED FREQUENCY BASED MOBILE LAND ROVER. we present here is an elementary robotic land rover that can be controlled remotely using primarily the RF mode. The RF remote control has the advantage of adequate range (up to 200 metres with proper antennae) besides being omni directional. On the other hand, an IR remote would function over a limited range of about 5 metres and the remote transmitter has to be oriented towards the receiver  module quite precisely.  cost involved in using RF modules is much higher than of IR components and as such, we have included the replacement alternative of RF modules with their IR counterparts for using the IR remote control. The proposed land rover can move in forward and reverse directions. You would also be able to steer it towards left and right directions. FORWARD, REVERSE, LEFT,  RIGHT, STOP CONTROLLED BY RF/INFRA RED


56.                       WIRELESS DETECTIVE ROBOT.

See Video ->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LGaG_sKass

With the help of RF remote control we run the robot in FORWARD, REVERSE, LEFT,  RIGHT, STOP CONTROLLED. We also attach RF camera with Robot, to see what is going on the remote lactation.


57.                       WIRELESS CONTROLLED PICK AND PLACE ROBOTIC HAND. See Video > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLxTQhoWMXs

 We can rotate robotic hand in 360 degree angle; it can pick and place objects. It have three degree of rotation control for his hand, it have finger, elbow, and arm, it move forward, reverse, left, right, stop. We can control it by mechanical switch/ wire less infra red remote control/ mobile phone based control it is designed as per student requirement.



we can control our robot with mobile phone, It can move left, right, forward,  backward, stop.


59.                       LAND MINE DETECTOR ROBOT FOR DEFENCE. See Video ->



This robot automatically detect landmine, when it detect landmine our robot stop automatically at safe distance to near landmine. And send location via WiFi camera, It is controlled by rf remote as well as mobile phone.


60.                       CAR PRODUCTION ROBOT USE IN CAR FACTORY. This robo carry a row material and supply it, to a supply chain, when some one come in front  of robo it will give horn and stop, when the way is cleared it will run at desired line.



61.                       PREPAID ENERGY METER.  

This project consists in two units.

Charging unit. (In this unit we can charge our smart card as per customer requirement say 200.00 Rs. (it have +, -, read, program button for customizing the amount and program the smart card as well as display how much amount in the card.

Reader Unit ( it read smart card, and display current amount on the lcd, it detect 10 rs per unit, if amount is left <=20 it on the buzzer “for attention the land lord that is amount is low please recharge it other wire power is off”, and if amount is less then = 0 then it will off the power of the house.)

We design this project with two version in version two all features all available, in version one to reduce the cost we make this project, in this version charging and reader unit is make in one project.

         VERSION TWO See Video-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inU6jKUtemw




we can control three devices..

There are six passwords (Password for “ON” the device, and separate password for “OFF” the device”.

We can change the password.

We can change Ring count also.

Mobile phone can be (CDMA, GSM, WLL, or any type).

We can control any device from any part of the world.

We can authorized Mr. X for open the college gate, and Mr. Y for closing the gate separately.

We can appoint total 6 nos. of persons for doing 6 work.



63.                       MICRO CONTROLLER BASED CODE LOCK SYSTEM. If we provide right password our device will on other wise device not on, and it will give only three Chances, if any one try more than three time, buzzer automatically on, and full system goes hang. What is going on all display on 16x2 lcd.



64.                       PUT COIN AND DRAWN POWER See Video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3JHDCi3hDs

Built on the lines of payphones, here is an automatic coin collection device for payloads like lamps and air-conditioners to be used on a private electrical line. It is useful for paying guest houses, lodges and Trains. The system makes use of a sensor for detecting  the coin and a micro controller that counts the coins and shows the count on a 7-segment display. When you close the load switch provided in the circuit, the relay energises to connect the load and the coin count on display starts decrementing. When the count decrements to zero, the relay de-energises to disconnect the load.



65.                       KOUN BANAGA KORORPATI USING MICRO CONTROLLER. useful for quiz games, dumb charades, etc, this fastest-finger- first circuit displays the player number along with a beep sound when a specific player presses the button before others. It is designed for seven players and can be constructed easily using minimal  hardware and software. When the microcontroller receives an input from any of the seven tactile switches (Sl through S7), it disables the inputs from rest of the switches assigned to other players. A master reset control (switch SO) has to be pressed to enable all the inputs for the next round of the quiz.


66.                       COUNTER DOWN TIMER FOR INDUSTRIES TO ON/OFF THE MACHINE AS DESIRED TIME. See Video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_YBjg9QDNI

This project is used for on/off the 220v ac device as per the time, we provide the input as per time, After the time complete the system automatically on/off the device, we can start, stop, time + -, reset the system by pressing the switch.



67.                       RF BASED WIRELESS DEVICE CONTROL SYSTEM The Wireless Device Control project can control numerous devices from one point. Four to eight devices can be easily controlled with the help of the project. The Blue tooth or Infra red based transmitter and Blue tooth or Infra red based receiver are used to control the performance of the project and restricts the use of wires. The software can only be controlled by a single person, which makes it a secure feature of the device. Nobody except the concerned person can operate the project.

68.                       MICRO CONTROLLER BASED (GREEN FARM HOUSE).This is automatically system for advance farming. It have following features.1. It automatically  on the lights/heater to maintain heat lever for plants.2. It automatically on and off the water pumps as per soil water level.3. It display current temperature also.


See Video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3iRn3muKXc

 When We go away from our house this project will work as a watch man. It  will on the light as per time specified, Basically It is based on RTC (real time clock). It will display time as well as store 8 different time according your 8 time specified it will automatically on the device and off the device automatically.


70.                       REAL TIME CLOCK USING PIC MICRO CONTROLLER.  This project is used In industry, as well as domestic purpose, Let imagine we want to on/off any device as an specified interval, or keeps track of weekdays and has eight alarms that can be individually set to go on/off every day, only on working days or, if you want, on a specific day of week. For example that you and your partner have different wake-up times or if you have to give or take medication at regular intervals. This limitation gets moreserious if you want alarm to go off only on specific days of the week or only during workdays. This project keeps track of weekdays and has eight alarms that can be individually set to go offevery day, only on working days or, if you want, on a specific day of week.This project employs five IC and one micro controller and Four seven segment display. This project consists in two PCB’s. 


71.                       REMOTE CONTOLLED INDUCTION MOTOR CONTROLER PLUS SEVEN OTHER ELECTRICAL DEVICE CONTROL USING TRIAC AND RELAY See Explain Video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HD1ROch3Ck&t=34s

See Demo Video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HD1ROch3Ck&t=34s

 first it will take command from TV remote control, according  your command, first detec zero cross detection,  and generate PWM and fire triac to run your induction motor as per  specified speed, it will use seven segment to display speed 1 to 5, and also on/off 7 device as per your command.



                 See Video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dX31BGVtVc

Normally, digital speedometers are found only in luxury cars and high-end motorbikes, Even if your motorbike has a mechanical speedometer, what will you do when it gets damaged? First, you need to replace the mechanical worm gear and  then the cable. Anyway, we describe here how to build a digital speedometer-cum odometer for your motorbike. The circuit uses a microcontroller, an LCD display and some  common  available components. It.is a better alternative to the mechanical speedometer and even a beginner' with minimal skill level can assemble it.

The features of the digital speedometer-  cum-odometer are:

Digital readout

Speed displayed in km/hour

Distance traveled displayed in kilometers





This project is use to control the rotation of a DC stepper motor in clockwise and anti-clock wise direction. It can be used in many applications including machine control and robotics for controlling the axial rotations in XY plane. A similar circuit can be added to control the rotation of the motor in either XZ or YZ plane.

This embedded system off the motor with off button.

Run motor clockwise.

Run motor anticlockwise.

Speed control (+ -)



74.                       MICRO CONTROLLER BASED ONE DC MOTOR CONTROLLER. See Synopsys Video ->

    https://youtu.be/pI58RNnhwJw, See Working Video -> https://youtu.be/hH9gQ4fBRak

Dc motor speed controllers  are very useful for controlling the motion of robotic and industrial automation systems. The controller presented here uses the pulse-width modulation (PWM)  technique. the PWM wave for speed control is generated using Atmel AT89C52 microcontroller. To control the speed of the DC motor, you need a variable -voltage DC power source. When the DC motor is switched on, it takes certain time to reach the full speed. As soon as the power supply is switched on, the DC motor starts gaining speed and if you switch off the power supply before it reaches the maximum rated speed, it starts to slow down. In case switching on and switching off are done in quick succession, the motor rotates at a slower speed between zero and full rated speed. This is what a PWM technique based controller does: it switches the motor' on' and 'off' with  a pulse train. To control the motor speed, it varies (modulates) the width of the pulses-hence the pulse width modulation. When the motor is ,on' for a short period and 'off' for along one, it will rotate slowly. When the motor is 'on' for most of the time and' off' only for a short while, it will rotate at higher speed, say, nearly at full (maximum) rated speed.



For the blind, it is difficult to step out without someone help. To make the life simper for them, this electronic eye alerts them of any obstacle or object in their path. The system can detect obstacles within one meter. The system compares transmitted and receiver sections. The receiver section uses and embedded system that tells the voice processor to play the recorded message in case any obstacle is detected. Here the embedded system is a micro controller programmed to take the appropriate action 681104



Don’t take the chance of becoming a victim of burglary, which is often accompanied by violence. Protect your family and valuables with this home security  system that will let you rest your head knowing that should any one try to break into your home, an alarm will go off and the police will be alerted immediately.

We can create embedded system with following features.

Wireless detections of burglar.

Automatic on the siren.

Automatic make a phone to police.

Automatic make a light on

As per your requirement we will add more features.


77.                       MICRO CONTROLLER BASED AUTOMATIC ROOM LIGHT CONTROLLER. Every one knows “save electricity save money”, this project will help  for saving money by stopping the misuse of  electricity, When no one is not in room it will automatically off the light / fan etc. If some one come in the room it will make on the  light  if night / or lowlight, and make a fan on if cold, so on student can change this project as he/she like. FOR VIDEO  DEMO-> http://youtu.be/OsuFhdxsRCs



78.                       MICRO CONTOLLER BASED MULTI CHANNEL CODE LOCK SYSTEM USING PIC MICRO CONTROLLER. This micro controller  based project can be used for preventing unauthorized access to devices or solenoid-operated  locks/electrical devices. This code lock can be used as a multi-user code lock,  where the users can access respective devices by entering the device number followed by the password. The password can be changed by the user and no external supply is   needed to retain the password. The password length for each device can be between 4 to 15 digits, as desired by the user. 94082004



79.                       WIRELESS MICROCONTROLLER BASED AUTOMATIC FLUS SYSTEM.   In manual flush system the user press a button, which opens a flush valve allowing mains-pressure water to flow into the bowl, or sometimes the user press directly a flush lever (a handle connected to a flush meter). The value contains a  pneumatic mechanism that closes it after a reset time. Today, manual flush system has been replaced with a sensor operated system that automatically  flushes the fixture when the user departs. The microcontroller based automatic flush system is infrared sensor to detect a user approaching the fixture, then it wait until the user departs. It also flushes before the person departs if the person is person for more than the preset time (5 minutes)



80.                       WIRE LESS ELECTICAL METERING SYSTEM.

In present man come door to door to take reading for every electrical meter, in this  project  we will over come for this problem.  It will send reading from

every house/shops etc. to electrical board for future process like generation of bills and to monitor of electrical theft.



See Video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSYWh7bvEWo


The basic requirements of a real time programmable timer generally used in school and colleges for sounding the bell on time are :

Read / Write memory for storing the bell time.

LED display for display real time as well as other data to make the instrument user friendly

Keys for data entry.

Electromechanically relay to operate the bell


82.                       WIRELESS VOTING MACHINE USING MOBILE PHONE. Today every man have no time, when election commission call the election, only 40 or 50% peoples used his vote, because they have no time, so we make a Wireless voting machine that will overcome this problem, people give their vote by mobile / landline phone after confirm their password.


83.                       WIRELESS RAIL TRACH CRACK SYSTEM

In news paper we read that train cross over crack track and derailed. This project avoid this problem, for example train starts from delhi to jaipur it cross more than 10 to 30 small and big stations, we install one transmitter at every small and big station, and receiver at every engine, every station can transmit 14 to 16 different track positions to every engine that will pass over that track that is installed on particular station. So driver knows the position of the track that he is used when transmitter found and crack in track it will transmit crack signal and engine driver get buzzer sound on engine before accident. He will stop the train...


LED-based moving-message displays are becoming popular for transmitting information to large groups of people quickly. These can be used indoors or outdoors. We can find such displays in areas like railway platforms, banks, public offices, hotels, training institutes, nightclubs and shops. Compared to LEDs, liquid-crystal displays (LCDs) are easy to interface with a microcontroller for displaying information as these have many built-in functions. But these can't be observed from a distance and large size LCDs are very costly. LED-based displays can be of two types: dot-matrix and segmental. If you implement a moving-message display with multiplexed dot-matrix LEDs, it will be very costly for displaying 16 characters or more at a time.



85.                       FLOOD CONTOL SYSTEM. This system take a input from dam and display in the LCD, if water is greater than danger level it will  make a buzzer on and open the gate so water follow to safe area.



This project  display date and time on LCD. We can control Eight device using wireless keyboard. We can “on” or “off  five devices as per time,

according  our requirement using this project, if required time and current time match it will on or off device  according our requirement, this system

also give buzzer if time is matched. We also change date and time using wire less keyboard. We use this project as a sequential on the devices

as per our need, it can also work as a college timer and so on.


87.                       AUTOMATIC CAR PARKING SYSTEM USING MICRO CONTROLLER. Automatic multistoried car parking system helps to minimize the car parking area. This Automatic Car Parking System enables the parking of vehicles, floor after floor and thus reducing the space used. Here any number of cars can be parked according to the requirement. (Lift version also built if u want).


88.                       MICROCONTROLLER BASED METOR TAIN. The project – Metro train has been developed keeping in mind the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation scenario. The project targets to provide guidance to the passengers of the metro train. The LCD display informs about the upcoming station and guides about the steps to be


89.                       FREQUENCY METER USING MICRO CONTOLLER. Frequency meters have always been expensive tools for the average hobbyists. Now, with microcontrollers and liquid-crystal displays (LCDs) having become very economical and popular, it is possible to build a  compact and low-cost LCD based frequency meter that can measure up to 250 kHz


90.                       DIGITAL CLOCK WITH HOURLY MUSIC WITH RELAY CONTOL This project is based on AVR micro controller on which it will on buzzer for one  second after each hour. It also on the alarm as per time specified and off after one second.  


91.                       MONITORING SYSTEM USING MICRO CONTROLLER. In establishments such as small hotels, small offices and clinics, intercoms are calling bells prove to be a costlier option for communication between inmates and the assisting staff since such a provision can be made only for a limited number of points. This economical room monitoring system that provides audio-visual identification of the call points. The system also provides feedback to the caller (in the form of busy signal).  861004



See Video-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fAi3xZew3c

 We can use this project for lifting heavy material/ persons from one floor to another floor. It make for 3 floor, as we press button for our required floor, it automatically go to required floor


93.                       NO ONE COME WITH WEAPON TO YOUR OFFICE/HOME ->This project only open the gate when some one come without weapon, If it found person with weapon, it produce a sound as well as not open the gate, the system will open the gate and close the for visitors, automatically.



See Video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODXBV0-govw

 first it will take command from TV remote control, according  your command, first detect zero cross detection,  and generate PWM and fire triac to run your induction motor as per specified speed, it will use seven segment to display speed 1 to 5.